Jerry Holland - Alexander William MacDonnell, Fiddler's Choice
The Kells - Graf Spee, Smooth Sailing After All
Gailfean - Paddy Kelly Reels/Finbarr Dwyer's, Won't You Come Out Tonight
The Led Farmers - Row By Row, Katie
The Elders - Brettski's Medley, Live at the Gem
The Hounds of Finn - Boys of Killybegs, Songs of Men In Boats 1612-2010
Interview with Erin O'Rourke of Indy Irish Fest
Chance the Arm - Cooley's Reel, Green Groves of Erin
Chance the Arm - Star of the County Down, Green Groves of Erin
Evans & Doherty - Brennan on the Moor, Sailing the Asphalt Sea
The Irish Airs - Carrickfergus, The Hightail Sessions
The Kells - As I Was A-Wandering, Smooth Sailing After All