Gailfean - Spike Island Lassies/Tom Moylan's/Donegal Traveler, Won't You Come Out Tonight
Gailfean - Sarah/Behind the Bush in the Garden, Won't You Come Out Tonight
Teada - Gone for His Tea/Joe Derrane's/All About Weaving, Aineeoin Na Stiorme
Cara Dillon - Eirigh Suas A Stoirin, A Thousand Hearts
Jason O'Rourke - Murphy's/The Cuckoo, Northern Concertina
Jason O'Rourke - L'Aquilette/Arthur, Northern Concertina
Ailie Robertson - Angus Jigs, First Things First
Dougie MacLean - Turning Away, Indigenous
Brenda Stubbert - Russell's Set, In Jig Time
Alan & John Kelly - The Caucus At Seacaucus/Lady On The Island/McGettricks, Fourmilehouse
The Tossers - Papers and Pins, Communication and Conviction
Liz Carroll - John Brady's, Liz Carroll