We Banjo 3 - Happiness, single release
Enda Scahill - Pondering Jig/The Maid at the Spinning Wheel, Pick It Up
The Beaton Family - The Lakewind Set, Celtic Colours Volume X
Teresa Horgan & Matt Griffin - The World Turned Upside Down, Brightest Sky Blue
Jimmy Keane & Pat Broaders - Welsh’s Old Barndance/Where’s the Dog/The Toormore Polka/Daniel O’Keefe’s Polka, Bits of Bohola
Deb Shebish - The Hunter's House/Johnny Cronin's, Kitchen Fiddle
Interview with Deb Shebish
Deb Shebish - Leslie's March, Kitchen Fiddle
Shine - Ruidhleadh, Celtic Colours Volume X
Shooglenifty - Good Drying Set, Whiskey Kiss
John Williams & Dean Magraw - Perdition Piano Duet, Raven