Trian - Humours of Balleyconnell/Reel Eboulement/Richie Dwyer's, Trian II
Catherine-Anne MacPhee - Mouth Music, Canan Nan Gaidheal
Larry Gavin, Micheal O'Rourke & Charlie Lennon - The Broken Bridge/Golden Shadows, Two Miles to Tulla
Mick Moloney, Jimmy Keane & Robbie O'Connell - The Mickey Dam, There Were Roses
Paddy O'Brien - Poll Ha'Penny/Gerry Egan's, Mixing the Punch
Damien O'Kane - The Banks of the Bann, Areas of High Traffic
Patrick Street - The White Petticoat/The Kerry Jig/Katy Is Waiting, Cornerboys
Nolan Ladewski - The Old Dock Road, The Steps to Home
Lunasa - The Merry Sisters of Fate, The Merry Sisters of Fate
Tony McManus - A Tune for Frankie, Pourquoi Quebec
LOCAL FOCUS: The Irish Airs - Blarney Pilgrim/Jim Ryan's, The Hightail Sessions
Mairi Rankin - Hey Johnny M: Lament for John Morris, First Hand