Realta - Jimmy's Return/John Brennan's/Trip to Cullenstown, Open the Door for Three
Open the Door for Three - Beeswing, Open the Door for Three
Ashley MacIsaac - Constitution Breakdown, Live at the Savoy
Troy MacGillivray - Ridge's Polkas, Live at the Music Room
Deaf Shepherd - Jean Carignan, Synergy
Wrigley Sisters - Halloween Flit, Huldreland
Interview with J.P. Cormier
J.P. Cormier - The Island, Another Morning
Luka Bloom - Lonesome Robin, Head & Heart
Joe Burke & Charlie Lennon - The Dogs Among the Bushes/Gorman's, Traditional Music of Ireland
Tommy Keane - Down the Back Lane/Sergeant Early's, The Piper's Apron
NEW TO YOU: Dave Gunning - Alberta Gold, Lift
Dmitri Alano - The Lament for Margaret O'Carroll, The End of the Evening