J.P. Cormier - Tenor Set #2, Take Five: A Banjo Collection
Jim Hanlon - Remembrance Day, The Cormier Sessions Vol. 1
Jig to a Milestone - Merrily Kiss the Quaker's Wife/The Kid on the Mountain, Crawford's Pub
Black Irish Texas - Red Haired Mary, EP
Tony McManus - The Sweetness of Mary/The Piper's Bonnet, Tony McManus
Damien O'Kane - Greenfields of America, Areas of High Traffic
Oisin McAuley - The Quebec Reels, Far From the Hills of Donegal
Padraig McGovern & Cillian Vallely - Trip to Athlone/Humours of Lisheen/Snug in a Blanket, The Leitrim Equation
Leanne Aucoin - Mazurka, In Step
Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin - Conkers, Watershed
LOCAL FOCUS: Dmitri Alano - Ed's Reel/Lark in the Park, The End of the Evening
Tony McManus - Ar Bhurach Na Laoi, Tony McManus