Socks in the Frying Pan - The Finale, Socks in the Frying Pan
Makem & Spain Brothers - Crossroads Ceili, Up the Stairs
The Gloaming - The Sailor's Bonnet, The Gloaming
The Gloaming - Freedom/Saoirse, The Gloaming
The Poozies - The Great Debate, Changed Days Same Roots
Lucy Ward - Song for Lola, I Dreamt I Was A Bird
Marc Boudreau - Contentment Is Wealth, Steppin' It Up
Matt MacIsaac - Rocking the Baby/Victoria Road/Mason's Apron, The Piping Album
Moloney/Keane/O'Connell - Allastrom's/Julia Clifford's, There Were Roses
T with the Maggies - Ceol An Phiobaire, T with the Maggies
Tommy Basker - The Maids of Arrochar, The Tin Sandwich