Liz Carroll & John Doyle – Fremont Center/Vornado/Minutemen, In Play
The Barra MacNeils – Chasing the Sun, 20th Anniversary Collection Album
Ryan J. MacNeil – Oh Wheels What Can the Matter Be, Piper
Jerry Holland – Forneth House/O’er the Moor Among the Heather/Sir Archibald Dunbar/Kiss the Lass You Love Best/The Uist Lasses’ Darling/Sir David Davidson of Cantry/Celtic Ceilidh, Parlor Music
We Banjo 3 – Over the Waterfall/Liberty Polka, Roots of the Banjo Tree
Adrianne and Mike – Haul in the Lines, Where the Heart Lies
Troy MacGillivray – Mountain Range/White Fish in the Rapids/Chandler’s, Boomerang
Matt Byrne – The Jolly Ploughboy, Hearts and Heroes
April Verch – Fire When Ready, Verchuosity
Raylene Rankin – Oran Chalum Sgaire, Lambs In Spring
Rodney MacDonald – Kate Martin’s Waltz, Dancer’s Delight