Trian - Little Man with the Brown Shoes/Ducks in a Row/The Butterfly Reel/Pauline Conneely’s, Trian II
John Carty - The Kilfenora Set: The Munster Buttermilk/The Old Favourite/Jim Ward’s/I Will If I Can, I Will If I Can
Damien Mullane - The Game Changer, 13
Comas - Joe Tom's/The Brocca/The Donegal Lass, Charge
Martin Hayes - Pat Canny's/Come West Along the Road, Under the Moon
Jimmy Keane - Tom Ashe/The Red Sun/Larks Mountain/Blurty's Jig/The Lark In The Mountain Breakdown, Bohola
Joe Burke with Charlie Lennon - Bonnie Kate/Jenny's Chickens, Traditional Music of Ireland
Eileen Ivers - East Neuk of Fife, Traditional Irish Music
We Banjo 3 - The Cavan Reel/Up Against the Boughalauns/The Dublin Lasses, Roots of the Banjo 3
Laurence Nugent - Old Hag You Have Killed Me/Pride of Erin/The Monument, Two for Two
Joanie Madden - Marcus Hernon's Air, Whistle On The Wind