Scythian - Immigrant Stomp, Immigrant Road Show
Pogey - Joe Neil, Welcome to the Show
Teada - The Jig Of The Dead/I Have A House Of My Own With A Chimney Built On The Top Of It/Paddy Breen's/The Bird's Call, Ainneoin Na Stoirme
Lau - Unquiet Grave, Lightweights and Gentlemen
Kinnon Beaton and Friends featuring Shelly Campbell - The Old CN Line, Tunesmith
Socks In The Frying Pan - Slipjigs and Reels, Socks In The Frying Pan
The Kells - Ben's Favorite/Longford Tinker Set, Smooth Sailing After All
Wild Colonial Bhoys - Farewell to Erin, On Our Own
LOCAL FOCUS/NEW TO YOU: Dmitri Alano - The Boston Set, unreleased
LOCAL FOCUS/NEW TO YOU: Irish Airs - Mountains of Morne, The Hightail Sessions
Wake the Dead - He's Gone, Blue Light Cheap Hotel