Wolfstone – Tinnie Run, The Chase
Fernhill – Dole Teifi, Whilia
Jeremy Spencer & Sean Leahy – Flood on the Road to the Glenties, The Side Over
Nuala Kennedy – Matt Hyland, Noble Stranger
Donal Lunny – Lucky Luck Day, Coolfin
Eric Bogle – No Man’s Land, By Request
Chrissy Crowley – The Departure, The Departure
The Chieftains and Great Big Sea – Lukey/Lukaloney, Fire in the Kitchen
Joanie Madden – Aggie White’s/Miss Thornton/Rip the Calico – A Whistle on the Wind
Joe Burke with Charlie Lennon – Trip to the Cottage/Tatter Jack Walsh, Traditional Music of Ireland
LOCAL FOCUS: Irish Airs – Come By the Hills, The Hightail Sessions
Zan McLeod – Hand in Hand, Highland Soul