FullSet - Up and About, Notes After Dark
Floating Crowbar - When A Man's In Love/Tuttle’s/Sgt. Early's Dream/The Tempest, The Torn Jacket
Troy MacGillivray - Dr. Fiona’s Cuthill’s Hornpipe/Touring with Kristine/Glasgow Session/Dr. Kevin and Denise O’Halloran, When Here Meets There
Shirley Collins - The Queen of May, Classic Celtic Music from Smithsonian Folkways
Richard Thompson - The Random Jig/The Grinder, Strict Tempo
The Town Pants - Drinking In The Graveyard, Shore Leave
The Town Pants - Heidi's Growl, Coming Home
Stan Rogers - Rolling Down to Old Maui - Between the Breaks...Live!
The Boys of the Lough - The Holly Bush/New Ships Are Sailing
Black Family - Sweet Liberty, Time for Touching Home
LOCAL FOCUS: Johnandrew Bellner - Nancy Whiskey, Greatest Hits Volume II
Gerry O'Connor - Leaving the West, Time to Time