The Outside Track - Belladrum Outhouse, Curious Things Given Wings
Jim McCann - From Clare to Here, Jim McCann
Barleycorn - Heather Breeze/My Love is in America, My Last Farewell
J.P. Cormier - Hometown Battlefield, The Chance
Interview with J.P. Cormier, Part One
J.P. Cormier - Mary Goes Round, Somewhere In The Back Of My Heart
Interview with J.P. Cormier, Part Two
J.P. Cormier - The Unfinished Song, The Chance
J.P. Cormier - The Jesu Jig, The Chance
Finbar & Eddie Furey - The Curragh of Kildare, Finbar & Eddie Furey
J.P. Cormier and Hilda Chaisson-Cormier - Highland Dream, Return To The Cape