Eoin Duignan - Tuatha De Dannan, Pagan Irish-Cath Finntragha
The Elders - Fisherman, Story Road
The Bonny Men - The Slides, The Bonny Men
Damien Mullane - Galway Bay, 13
Kimberley Fraser - Flee As A Bird, Falling On New Ground
J.P. Cormier - Gilgarry's Glen, Another Morning
The Furey Brothers and Davey Arthur - Ship In Full Sail/Badenloch/Hardiman's, Banshee
John Renbourn - The English Dance, The Black Balloon
John Renbourn - Mist Covered Mountains of Home/The Orphan/Tarboulton, The Black Balloon
De Dannan - Connie From Constantinople, Anthem
Adam Sutherland & Hamish Napier - For Our Dear Mothers, Nae Plans Volume 1