NEW TO YOU: Coig - D Jigs, Five
Donal Lunny - Slides: Coolfin/Nora Criona, Coolfin
Alan Kelly - Jim Donoghue's/Martin Wynne's No. 3/Palmer's Gate, Mosiac
Ron Kavana - Bound for South Australia, Irish Ways
Maxim Cormier - Morrisons, Maxim Cormier
Interview with Maxim Cormier
Maxim Cormier - Preludio Epigramatico 4, Maxim Cormier 2
Gaelic Storm - Courtin' in the Kitchen, Special Reserve
Martin Hayes - Rakish Paddy, Under the Moon
CLOSET CLASSIC: Irish Descendants - Go to Sea No More, We Are the Irish Descendants
LOCAL FOCUS: Dmitri Alano and Erik Peterson - The Banshee/Lady Ann Montgomery/Foxhunters, unreleased
Maxim Cormier - John Allan's Cape Breton Gospel, Maxim Cormier 2