We Banjo 3 - Soldiers Joy (Live at Whelan's), unreleased
Brock McGuire Band - Indian Springs, Green Grass Blue Grass
Tim O'Brien/Dirk Powell/John Hermann - Mountain Air/Washington's March/Bonaparte's Retreat, Songs from the Mountain
J.P. Cormier - Clog From Hell, X8: A Mandolin Collection
Garry O'Meara - Jolly Beggarman/Whiskey Before Breakfast, Pickin' Time
Moondi Klein & Jimmy Gaudreau - Whiskey Before Breakfast/Red Haired Boy, Songs from the Mill
Adam Steffey - Chinquapin Hunting, New Primitive
Brock McGuire Band - Chinquapin Hunting, Green Grass Blue Grass
The Stanley Brothers - Pretty Polly, Best of the Stanley Brothers
Sweeney's Men - Pretty Polly, Tracks of Sweeney's Men
We Banjo 3 - Bunch of Green Rushes/Salt Creek, Gather the Good
Jay Ungar - Ashokan Farewell, Ken Burns' The Civil War