CLOSET CLASSIC: The Elders - Gonna Take A Miracle (Live on KCIT), Rootstomp Vol. 1
Frances Black & The Black Family - The Ploughboy Lads, The Black Family
Teada - Deálaí's No. 1 & 2/The Peeler and the Goat, Ainneoin Na Stoirm
Teada - An Spalpin Fanach, Ainneoin Na Stoirm
FullSet - The Mist in the Morning, Notes After Dark
FullSet - Ned of the Hill, Notes After Dark
J.P. Cormier - Afghanistan, The Messenger
Interview with J.P. Cormier
NEW TO YOU: J.P. Cormier - Hometown Battlefield, no album
LOCAL FOCUS: The Lathans - Willie O, no album
Damien Mullane - Emma's Waltz, 13