CLOSET CLASSIC: Cape to Clare - Queen of the Rushes/The Whinny Hills of Leitrim/the Clumsy Lover, Cape to Clare
Eamon Doorley/Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh/Julie Fowlis/Ross Martin - Dà Bhfaigheann Mo Rogha De Thriúr acu/Dhannsamaid Le Ailean/Cairision' Nigh'n Eòghainn, Dual
Arcady - Black Haired Lass/Flogging Reel/Lord McDonald/The Pinch of Snuff - Many Happy Returns
Donna Taggart - Raglan Road, Celtic Lady Vol. 1
Gerry O'Connor - Jenny's Wedding/Boys from the Hillside, High Up Low Down
Larry Gavin/Micheal O'Rourke/Charlie Lennon - The Nova Scotia/The Classic, Two Miles to Tulla: Traditional Irish Music from East Clare
Jeremy Spencer & Sean Leahy - Echoes of Killarney/Johnny O'Leary's, The Side Over
Aoife Granville - Aoife's Welcome/John Joe Moroney's Favourite, Sraid Eoin Shuffle
Cathie Ryan - Lament for Three Marys, The Music of What Happens
Christy Sheridan - Lagan Love, Silver Notes
Planxty - Smeceno Horo, After the Break
Brenda Stubbert - Lonesome Eyes, Endless Memories