NEW TO YOU: FullSet - The Glen Road to Carrick, Notes After Dark
Fergal Scahill - Langstrom’s Pony/McKenna’s/The Smiling Bride, Wayfarer
CLOSET CLASSIC: Jura Ceilidh Band with Jerry Holland - Hornpipes: The North Shore Set, A Trip to Cape Breton
Danu - Murphy's Hornpipe/Lord Gordon, Seanchas
Interview with Benny McCarty of Danu
Danu - Dermie Diamond's/John Doherty's Pipe March/Around the House and Mind the Dresser, When All is Said and Done
Danu - Never Tire of the Road/Greenfields of America, Seanchas
LOCAL FOCUS: Emily Ann Thompson - Biddy of Sligo/wheels of the World, Passage
Danu - Clancy's Farewell to Whiskey/An Dro de Petit Bateaux, Seanchas