Jerry Holland - Golden Legs/Lively Steps/Garmont Smiddy, Helping Hands
Interview with Paul Cranford
Jerry Holland - Andy DeJarlis/Ingonish/Mrs. McGhee, Master Cape Breton Fiddler
Altan - Andy DeJarlis/Ingonish/Mrs. McGhee, Island Angel
Colin Grant - Tune for Jerry, Fun for the Whole Family
Interview with Colin Grant
Jerry Holland - The Footworks Reel/The Mourne Mountains/the Flagon/If I Had A Bonnie Lass, Jerry Holland and Friends
Archie McAllister & Ross Kennedy - Jerry Holland's Reels Medley, White Swan
Howie MacDonald - Memories of Jerry Holland, Auld School
Jerry Holland - The Farewell/Carey's Irish Hospitality/Gillian Head, Helping Hands
Jerry Holland - The Bridge of Inver/The Isle of Skye/Miss Watt/Juanita/Mrs. Duncan Forbes of Muirtown, Helping Hands
Interview with John Doyle
LOCAL FOCUS: Dave Bagdade - The Vega Mandolin, unreleased
Jerry Holland - The Vega Mandolin, Helping Hands
Jerry Holland - Tears, Jerry Holland and Friends