Jimmy Keane & Pat Broaders - The Nacider/An Sean Bean Sultmar/The Church Bell, Bits of Bohola
J.P. Cormier - Martin's Set, Looking Back: The Instrumentals
Seamus Egan - Eamonn Coyne's/The Longford Collector, A Week in January
Silly Wizard - The Blackbird of Sweet Avondale, A Glint of Silver
John Cunningham - The Celtic Society's Quickstep/The 42nd Highlanders Farewell, Fair Warning
Billy McComiskey - Johnny Allen's/Sporting Nell, Makin' the Rounds
Ed Delaney - The Gladstone Reel, unreleased
Michael Coleman - Bonnie Kate/Jennie's Chickens, Michael Coleman 1891-1945
Jean Carignan - Bonnie Kate/Jennie's Chickens, Classic Celtic Music
Kevin Burke - Bonnie Kate/Jennie's Chickens, Sweeney's Dream
Nick and Anita Haigh - Song for Kim, Celtic Roots & Rhythm
Interview with Shawn Collins
Nick and Anita Haigh - Nendrum, Celtic Roots & Rhythm