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Dave Bagdade: Kitchen Party Ceilidh


(Kitchen Party Ceilidh)
January 4, 2014
The Town Pants - New South Wales, Coming Home
Greenfields of America - New Irish Barn Dance/Paddy McGinty's Goat, Greenfields of America
David Greenberg - New Years Eve, Tunes Until Dawn
Richard Thompson - New Fangled Flogging Reel/Kerry Reel, Strict Tempo
The Outside Track - Malcolm's New Fiddle, Curious Things Given Wings
Heidi Talbot - New Cajun Waltz, Angels Without Wings
Solas - New Custom House/The Flavour of the Month/The Tinker's Daughter/Dogs Among the Bushes/The Pinch of Snuff, The Hour Before Dawn
Foolin in Doolin - The Newlin Highwayman, Live in McDermotts
Indianapolis Ceili Band - The New Broom/Around the Fairy Fort/If We Hadn't Any Women in the World, Every Wednesday Night
Tempest - The New Squire, Another Dawn
Cherish the Ladies - The New House, Live
Touchstone - The New Land, The New Land