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Dave Bagdade: Kitchen Party Ceilidh


(Kitchen Party Ceilidh)
November 9, 2013
Sprag Session - Gwanwitcha, Sprag Session
Chrissy Crowley - Coig, Last Night’s Fun
North Atlantic Drift - Dr. Iain MacDonald/Gold Ring, North Atlantic Drift
Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac - Air a’ Ghille Tha Mo Run, Seinn
Carl MacKenzie - Fairbairnes, It’s A Corker
Braebach - Greenfields, Desparate Battle of the Birds
Kathleen MacInnes - Teanga Binn mo Mhathair, Cille Bhride
Jerry Holland - Old Irish Barndances, Jerry Holland and Friends
Maxim Cormier - Big Sampie’s Reel, Maxim Cormier
Fionia Stringband - Bohmerdans-Ottemandsdans, Music from the Danish Isles
Darren McMullen - Beautiful Point Aconi, Shoes for Molly